Our Story

It all started in 2006 with one modest apartment community and a simple objective: To develop and create communities that exceed customer expectations while providing value for residents and to enhance the area by supporting local small business.

Our objective has become a success! Today, the Stonekey Group manages a portfolio of over 1,300 rental units from townhouse communities to 100+ year old historic apartments, including diverse locations that provide a myriad of options for residential rentals in Atlanta. In our growth, we have prided ourselves on one principle above all else… building community relationships by providing exceptional service.

In addition, the Stonekey Group is focused on recruiting, training and retaining the industry’s best and brightest people, ensuring that each member of our team feels empowered to consistently provide remarkable service and succeeds in the property management industry. We use the most effective means of management whereby our associates receive continual training and team support from upper management to meet their utmost potential and enhance our resident’s experience. The Stonekey Group is successful in large by listening to the needs of our residents and by input from our associates who see areas for improvement when needed. This unique and progressive management system guarantees that day-to-day challenges are met with innovative solutions that satisfy both owners and residents.

For efficiency and convenience, our company offers its residents an online portal with 24/7 access from any location via their smart device to pay their rent, submit a work order, view leasing documents, complete surveys, receive community updates/events and more. And to continue to provide exceptional service, our organization stays ahead of the curve on the cutting edge of new processes and technology so that we always remain up-to-date with current trends in property software to make it easy for our company to communicate with our residents.

Employing The Stonekey Group is to provide well-managed personal service to preserve your property with the best tenant, maximize your return on investment, and treat each resident with respect and honesty. In doing so, we establish a reputation for excellence that will attract new clients and reputable tenants to your property.

You can rest assured that we practice our motto… “Community Matters”.